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Evo brings outstanding screen music composers, engineers and producers together in a dynamic and creative collective. Our team delivers an evolving catalogue of the highest quality music, carefully crafted to help tell your story. With moods and genres ranging from heart-pounding cinematic trailers to intimate drama cues; from anthemic post-rock to horror and suspense; f... Toon meerrom beautiful orchestral fantasy adventures to carefree indie-folk, and with alternate mixes and cut-downs of every title, Evo's expanding catalogue is made by writers who live and breathe music-to-picture. Evo provides filmmakers, broadcasters and advertisers with both production music and bespoke scoring with heart, meeting the needs of any productio Minder


Music Samples from Fontana Music Library

Titlu Play Album
Sunete http://www.3am.ro/userfiles/musicsamples/Fontana/sunete1.mp3 O compilatie de efecte sonore
Fresh Snow http://www.3am.ro/userfiles/musicsamples/Fontana/tr7-Fresh_Snow-Bobo_Kantor-fn273-fontana.mp3 Sport Vision/fn 273
Lazy Day http://www.3am.ro/userfiles/musicsamples/Fontana/JanHala-LazyDay-320kbps.mp3 Jazz Rock Colours/fn 155
Coffee meditation http://www.3am.ro/userfiles/musicsamples/Fontana/MilanSvoboda-CoffeeMeditation-320kbps.mp3 Salon Music/fn 250
Alia Phantasia http://www.3am.ro/userfiles/musicsamples/Fontana/JaroslavKrcek_arr -Aliaphantasia-320kbps.mp3 Czech, Moravian,Slovak and Hungarian Baroque/fn 179


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